At CORE, we believe every young adult deserves the opportunity to pursue a life they value.  We believe character, grit, a strong sense of self-worth, and a love of learning are far more critical to success than degrees.  We believe our true power lies in understanding we can be or do anything in this world. 

Being a member of the CORE team, volunteering or wearing the CORE brand means we stand up for those who feel the world has forgotten them.  Supporting us represents a belief in the power and possibility of every young adult.  It’s their mind, ideas, heart, purpose and passion that will have the greatest impact on the world tomorrow; and we’re committed to preparing them to lead us into a safe, prosperous future. 

CORE offers young adults education and opportunities focused on becoming their best self; taking concepts and research used at the highest levels of industry, and applying them to a population we refuse to leave behind.  We are their advocates, mentors and champions.  





What We Offer: RESULTS

At CORE, we believe in a world better than the one we see on the news today. We believe the generation tasked with leading us tomorrow, need us now more than ever. 

This is an epidemic in our country. Millions of young adults are neither working nor in school. Without direction and support today’s youth are slipping through the cracks. The greater threat facing us is their untapped mind: their hopes, ideas and dreams.
At CORE, we believe in the power of young adults, and invest in their potential. 

Designed for 18-24 year olds, CORE offers a process that teaches today’s youth how to achieve results in their lives. We built our playbook from answering two questions: “How do the world's most successful people think, and what do they do on a daily basis?" 

What successful people do is not complex, but critical: work ethic, exercise, nutrition, mindfulness, gratitude, proper sleep and hydration. When practiced daily, these behaviors become habits. 

How successful people think is the foundation of the CORECode, the principles that guide everything we do. 

For those who successfully complete the CORE 3-month intensive, a scholarship up to $5,000.00 is available. It’s money for rent, deposits and starter furniture, and allows motivated young adults to jumpstart their life. 

What could you achieve with the right process and mindset? The possibilities are infinite. 

Call to find out more information: 1-800-926-7319